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     My paintings are visually disturbing and elaborated with realism and profusion of meticulous details.The pictures penetrate through the eyes and mind causing immediate impact and provoking questionings, restlessness. Spectators have to confront themselves. My style is classified as contemporary surrealism.


      Passion is what determines my production, for without this feeling of intensity, enthusiasm  and emotion, I could not produce anything worthwhile. There is no place for indifference in my art. Refined technique, cromatic tension caused by the use of strong and vibrant colors, textures, light and shadows are some of the characteristics that conceptualize and define my art. To create my paintings I seek inspiration in life itself, literature, symbology, intuitions and dreams. I also use processes of distortion of reality, research, observation and experimentation. My paintings are visually aggresive, beautiful and thought-provoking.

The Seven Deadly Sins: